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Teams in T-ball, 8U, 10U and 12U can add players to their roster until May 31st, 14U & 16U can add players until June 21st. Any change to your roster must be approved (in writing) by a member of the Board of Directors (JLS Organizational Rules 2.3).

You must have the following in your hand: 


  • You must have a player pass for the player.
  • You must have your original approved roster.
  • You must have 5 copies of your roster with the new player added to it.


Email the revised roster to (This is important do not forget).

Take the three items listed above to any member of the JLS Board of Directors. That Director will approve the new roster and sign one copy and return it to you. The four remaining copies will be retained for the appropriate parties.

Your new player is ready to join your team!

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Posted by Al DeMaio at Jan 5, 2019 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

It appears that many coaches/coordinators are having problems filling in and saving these forms. You MUST follow the below instructions to prevent having problems. If you are following these directions and you are still having problems make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader which is available at for free.

We now have a YouTube video to show the proper way to download and save JLS pdf files 
Save JLS Forms


  1. Go to web site at the bottom of the page open the league
    forms page.


  2. Open form needed and download. Now before filling in
    form go to upper right hand corner and right click on SAVE box. Save this form
    on your computer in your Documents folder.


  3. Now close the form from the web site and open the one
    in your documents file. Fill in this form and when completed save it again to
    your documents folder.


  4. When you have completed all the necessary forms send
    an email to put your team name
    in the reference line. Now attach all forms you have filled in from your
    documents file and send email. Al DeMaio will send you a confirmation email within
    24 hours if your forms were filed correctly. If you do not receive an email you
    should contact Al so he can help you figure out what went wrong.


  5. At the very least you will need to send in your
    individual team registration form and your no play dates immediately or you
    risk not being included in our schedules. If you delay, once we complete the
    schedules you will be assessed a $200.00 fine to have your team included which
    is in addition to your regular league fees.
    In certain instances the League can levy additional fees for teams that enter extremely late or under odd circumstances.

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Posted by Al DeMaio at Jun 3, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


by Jerry Weldon
         John L. Sullivan was born in the north end of Springfield in 1899. Although he was named John Joseph Sullivan he was such a big fan of the boxing legend John L. Sullivan that he was called John L. by his friends and the name stayed with him for the rest of his life.
         A sports enthusiast from an early age, he loved all sports and took pleasure in organizing groups for games. Even as a youth he became a leader and others looked to John L. for help when it came to getting games together.
         An early example of his leadership abilities became apparent when at the age of 18 he managed a baseball team called the Liberty Braves with notable success. In the 1920's he organized the City Baseball Leagues and became the league president.

         When the City Council created the job 'Director of Juvenile Activities' they had to look no further than to John L. to fill the post. If ever a man and a job were meant for each other, this was it. So good was his memory that he kept track of schedules and even team rosters in his head. This was just another example of his commitment to youth sports.

         The boys of that era had a great friend in John L. He was always there for them, ready to help and always advised "Let's play it clean kids". Now deceased for over 50 years, The King of Kids name lives on as we play under the banner of "John L. Sullivan Sandlot Leagues".